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We proudly bring you our second ever installment of Cool Stuff From Around the Web! Enjoy!

Adam: Facebook has finally rolled out Timeline for Brand pages!  Here are some great examples of what can be done.  Which one is your favorite?

Becky: Ok, I admit it.  I'm addicted to my cell phone, so some of these images of my fellow addicts had me laughing out loud.  Can you see yourself in any of these pictures?

Brittany: This one isn't really new, but it's my favorite site at the moment: everything's coming up Milhouse!

Kristen: Being a lady and being a writer AND being absolutely hilarious myself, I found this article rather enjoyable.  Who Said Women Aren't Funny?

Liz: This makes me so happy!  Go listen to A Symphony of Idiots and you'll be happy too! CLICK!

So, what did you guys see this week that made you stop and read?  Link us up below!

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